Saturday, August 7, 2010

One CRAZY week!

My VERY FIRST NIECE was born on Tuesday, August 3rd. Adalyn Elizabeth was a tiny little baby, and I got to visit her at the hospital just hours after she was born. The next morning I spent some time with my little monkey, Aiden. He LOVES to bounce around in pretty much everything. He's the happiest little boy and so much fun to play with!

After I left Aiden's house, I went to babysit my other nephew, Evan, since his Mommy and Daddy were still at the hospital. I spent a full 24 hours with him and had so much fun playing play-doh, eating popsicles, building a "jungle", and just being silly!

To top it all off, I took my best friend's 2 boys to go see Despicable Me. Such a GREAT movie! I loved it! And even though I was EXHAUSTED when I finally made it back home, I couldn't resist sitting down and cranking out some more layouts...